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LOLO Dedicated in Sanitary Pipe Fittings Since 1992


All product insured by PICC(The People's Insurance Company of China)

Stable Team

50% staff worked more than 11 years in the company


The first response for any claim

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Qingdao LOLO was established in 1992, one of the leading manufacturers for stainless steel fluid valves, pipes and fittings, widely used in food, brewing, beverage,pharmaceutical, dairy, water treatment, electronics and biochemical engineering industries.

Based on fine technology background and resources, we design and produce acc. to 3A, SMS, DIN, BS, AS, DS, ISO, IDF, BPE and RJT sanitary standards.Our rich technology experience and consistent quality style ensure each pipe fitting in line with FDA and GMP requirements. In addition, all our products are insured by PICC (the People's Insurance Company of China) to guarantee you trouble-free services.

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Good customer communication, to provide a comprehensive service consulting


In-Sale service

Mature professional service process, find timely and effective feedback.


After-Sale service

Maintain customer relationships to provide credit guarantee for the product